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The Glassguns
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Hailing from the industrial wasteland that is the Midlands, Rock band 'The Glassguns' combine their passion for 70's classic rock with the powerful and energetic modern hard rock.

Bursting straight back onto the live circuit with recently equipped bassist Adam Burrows the band feel more confident and assertive than ever!

Finalizing their line up early 2012, The Glassguns have found their niche and say "2012 is gonna be the year you watch us unleash everything". Brothers Sam and Phil Farrelly, with Gaz Brittain and Adam Burrows started to play at local pubs and venues and since then have played at numerous venues across the country that gave birth to some of the worlds greatest rock n roll bands.

Every live performance is about showing what we can do by delivering the most intense and inspiring set of totally self written material.The Glassguns are all about proggression, evolution and taking new steps, ensuring that the ever fueled ambition to be placed alongside the bands that inspired them continues to grow.

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Mark Goodlance - Freelance wrote: Oct 29, 2012
Excellent set from these guys at the 100 Club in London! 26th October 9.20pm Stage time. The Glassguns were 3rd to hit the stage on a bill of 4 bands. They burst onto the stage with the right amount of confidence and an incredible stage presence. Opening number 'Leave It Alone' was a great song to start with, Up beat, hard rocking and a bit bluesy in place's. The rhythm section of The Glassguns (Phil Farrelly and Adam Burrows)are a tight and very solid unit allowing guitarist (Sam Farrelly) freedom to play off them. Songs such as 'The Drifter' and 'Bitter Sweet Seduction' really proof just how proffessional and hard working these lads are. For as far as guitarists go you will not find a better more together player out there, the solo work and overall control of his instrument is 100% accurate. Singer (Gaz Brittain) knew how to control the busy audience. Great interaction with the crowd, If he noticed you were not moving he would make it his goal to get you dancing and screaming the songs back to him within minutes. It was the first time I have seen The Glassguns but I can guarantee it will not be my last. Whatever these guys are doing.... Its right!! You can follow them via these websites.
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